Saturday, April 05, 2003

Extra, extra, read all about it!

We are undergoing a major change in our household this week. We are changing newspapers. After almost 2 years of getting the Seattle Times, we are getting the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. We originally got the Times for the same reason I have always subscribed to the Times while living in Seattle: it's a morning delivery paper while the PI is afternoon delivery, and I just feel that you should be able to read the paper over morning coffee and breakfast (despite the fact that I'm more likely to puruse the paper while making dinner than while eating breakfast). It turns out, however, that the PI does have morning delivery.

At a neighborhood party last September (the one and only since we've lived here) we discovered that one of our neighbors is the editor of the PI business section. In his opinion, the PI is more city-centric, focusing on Seattle happenings, while the Times features the suburban areas more frequently. Additionally, my favorite food blogger frequently references the PI's food critic, which I think would indicate that the PI has a better food section (the linked review is of a neighborhood restaurant). The final clincher as to why I wanted to subscribe to the PI is that their office has a big revolving globe on top wrapped with the slogan "it's in the PI," which looks like it belongs in Citizen Cane, or Superman. (It was recently featured in the film The Ring).

It was surprisingly easy to switch papers. Since they share billing offices, all I needed to do was call and tell them that I wanted the other paper. Billing is exactly the same, and they could make the switch the next day. The only slight hiccup is that for some reason our delivery person seems to think that we want the paper on the driveway around the side of the house (the Times delivery person understood that we wanted the paper on the porch, right in front of the door). I guess the fact that Jeff prefers the PI's weather section makes it worth the little walk through the rain to get the paper. After all, It's in the PI.


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