Thursday, March 27, 2003

Reality TV: What Not To Watch

It seems like you can't escape reality TV these days; I'm beginning to forget what a laugh track is. I tried to watch one of my favorite fictional shows last night only to find it pre-empted by the number one reality show these days: War Coverage. That's one that I'm not watching. I try to listen to NPR to and from work to keep up with what's going on, but don't want to spend my evening burning the images of war into my head. It just makes me sad.

So, on to other reality TV. I watched American Idol for the first and last time last night. 'Nough said about that.

I am positively addicted to RR/RW Battle of the Sexes. First, there's the fun of watching the new episode on Monday night. Then on Tuesday, I look forward to reading Melissa and Colin's reviews and inside scoop (only problem there is that they usually say essentially the same thing; it would be great to have another insider opinion coming from outside of their clique). Later Tuesday or Wednesday, I can check my fantasy BOTS score; I'm in the top 5% of all of the TV viewer participants. This week was a particularly good episode (what am I saying; I like them all), where we learned the true reason that Emily is playing others to get Veronica kicked off: the green-eyed monster has taken over. Fun stuff.

And now for the best reality TV that's on today: March Madness!! Sweet Sixteen play begins today, baby! (I just hope that Duke can heat up to beat its competition!) I also wish that I was as good at picking basketball winners as I am at picking my BOTS dream team....


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