Thursday, March 13, 2003

M. I. C. See Ya Real Soon!

I spent my weekend on a 3 day Disney cruise to the Bahamas. My grandmother (maternal) got the idea from her neighbor, whose family had all gone on one together, and had a great time, regardless of age and initial scepticism. My other grandmother (paternal) has done a lot of cruising ("cruising" is the sanctioned cruise line term), and has highly recommended this cruise for years. So my grandparents, parents, sister, aunt and uncle, and 2 cousins all boarded the Disney Wonder last Thursday for 3 days of family fun. (For those who are wondering, the youngest member of my family is my cousin, who celebrated his 25th birthday the last day of the cruise.) We had a great time (as the staff kept reminding us). All sarcasm aside, it really was a good time. The ship was lovely, the staff professional and courteous, the kids cute, the "adult only" areas really were adult only, and the weather was perfect. Some highlights:

- The animals created from towels that we found in our rooms every night when the beds were turned down (the second night I was startled by the monkey hanging from the ceiling; the third night I was tickled by the elephant wearing my sister's sunglasses)
- The first drinky-drink enjoyed on deck as the sun began to set on a warm day, about to get underway
- The ship's whistle as it sounded the one long blast as we got underway (it was to the tune of "when you wish upon a star")
- The little girls in their Disney princess dresses (and the number of times my family joked "if only there was one big enough for Tricia")
- The fact that you could catch a Disney cartoon on TV any time day or night
- The cruise director's dry wit, which made even the entering port brief entertaining
- Hearing my normally reserved sister admit that she couldn't help but hug Dale after getting her picture with Chip and Dale ("he was just so cute")
- The Chihuly glass chandelier
- The amazing conch salad that I ate in Nassau
- The joy that my grandmother had in watching all of us enjoy ourselves together (this was the first time that we've all been together in almost 10 years)


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