Wednesday, March 05, 2003

On the Injured List

After a little snowboard injury (getting off of the lift; my major source of bumps and bruises) on Saturday, I think that I may have a broken rib. Other potential injuries are a separated rib (cartilege separates from the bone) or a bruised rib. The pain is similar for all of these; the only difference is severity. My symptoms include pain to the touch, pain when I run, pain when I breathe deeply (or sneeze or burb, excuse me), pain getting in and out of the car, and especially pain when I try to lie down, sleep on my side, roll over in bed, or get up out of bed.

The only thing to do for any of these is rest, which for me will be very hard. I'm going on a Disney cruise this weekend, which I planned to be a great time for warm weather running and swimming, I'm going on a snowboarding trip the following weekend, and I'm supposed to be training up for my next half marathon, which is in about 6 weeks. Grr....

Update: Upon a work friend's urging, I went to the doctor. It's only bruised, so I just need to rest for 2 weeks and take massive amounts of ibuprophen. Whenever I go to the doctor and find that I don't have the worse case scenario and am just given advice to rest and eat Motrin, I feel a little silly. I guess, however, that it's better to feel a litte silly and be out $15 and 90 minutes to confirm that I don't have a collapsed lung and/or fracture (and, no, according to the doctor it's not immediately obvious that one has a collapsed lung).


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