Sunday, March 23, 2003

Trail Note

Wednesday was my first run after the 2 week exercise hiatus (while my rib was recovering). I went around the short neighborhood loop. I tried the loop again on Thurday, and then went for a run up to the Zoo and back yesterday morning. It's really spring here now! It's fairly light by 6 am (I could actually run in daylight in the morning before work and arrive at the office at a reasonable time), and stays light until almost 7 pm. The daffodills are out, the crocuses have come and gone, the cherry trees have bloomed, the rhodies and azalias are starting to come out, and there is a green smell to the air.

I'm a bit worried, however, that my friends' reservation about Atkins ("how do you have energy to workout without carbs") may be a very real one. Atkins says that his plan helps people gain energy, and my energy levels are great during the day at the office and puttering around the house. Once I get running, however, my legs feel dead, like I just went on a long run the day before and used up all of my energy reserves. And I have used up all of my energy reserves, burning fat. This feeling may be due to the fact that I'm just getting back into running, and my muscles aren't back to their old form, but I don't think that I could ever really train at this carb level. I'm not training for anything now, however, and I know that once I shake these 20 pounds (only 15 now still to go!) and get back to a higher carb level that I'll be a better runner than ever before.


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