Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Part of Co-operative Don't You Understand?

I was browsing the returned stuff at REI over the weekend to see if there were any good deals and saw a yellow cycling jacket covered with smudges of grease, looking like a much-used commuter cast-off. The label listed the reason for return "after 3 years of continual use, jacket is no longer water-proof." I tell Jeff about it later, amazed that someone would have the gall to return a jacket that has obviously served its function well. "Do you imagine that they gave any money back for that?" I asked. "Hey, that must be K's jacket," and he proceeded to tell me about his coworker who just returned in a jacket and got enough store credit to buy a brand new one.

Perhaps I'll bring back the wrapper of the energy bar I just ate for store credit. After all, after a few hours of exercise, it no longer provided any energy.


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