Saturday, November 24, 2007

Food, Family, Fun

Last weekend my parents flew into town for a super-quick (less than 40 hours) visit. Sunday was both my and my mom's birthday, so my mother was excited to spend a birthday weekend together. The underlying reason for the trip was to escort my sister's cello out from Virginia, where it's been staying with my parents since she moved to Seattle almost 5 years ago.

We had a terrific visit: the corny, but informative underground tour, shopping in Pike's Place Market, homemade gourmet pizza dinner, fancy cupcakes, birthday brunch with a view (we watched a sea lion cavort with gulls), and then my parents were back to the airport.

One of the unexpected finds of the trip was when my parents led us into a furniture store to browse and Jeff and I found a hutch / buffet for our soon-to-be dining room. The store was making preparations to move locations, so was selling floor models for amazingly low prices. We've been looking casually for dining room storage for about a year now, and were making preparations to move our dining room table into what was originally intended to be our house's dining room, but we had been using as our TV room since we moved into the house 6+ years ago. Finding this furniture the weekend before Thanksgiving was perfect.


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