Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long Weekend

Back on those long-past student days, a long holiday weekend meant no class on that day (which might be one class, or might not be any depending on schedule), but otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary. A two-hour extra block to catch up on class readings or paper writing or work hours. Now that I have a real job, I have a real 3-day weekend! With no homework! I still can't believe it.

Jeff, unfortunately, is working all weekend. His job has been very busy for the past 6+ months. This should be the last busy working weekend for the year, however, as they need to wrap up in time for holiday shopping. (Need gift ideas or a holiday card, btw?)

So this weekend for me involves:
- Sushi with an old friend who is in town
- Beer tasting event / community fundraiser
- Beer making - IPA
- Laundry & general organizing / tidying
- Appt with new doctor
- Vet appointment
- Long run - aiming for 11 miles
- Cooking - pork tenderloin with curried peanut sauce

So far the highlight has been the beer tasting: it was really nicely done in a community center with a bluegrass band and art displays and lots of snacks and alternative beverages in addition to the dozens of great beers.

The lowlight was the trip to the vet. First, I had to wake up to the fact that my cats are overweight - one dangerously so. I felt like Cartman's mom as I tried to stammer something about being big-boned. Next, George decided to freak out as the doctor tried to examine him. Spitting, cursing, and fighting, he would not let the exam continue, not to mention get the shots he needs. So, we were provided sedatives and will try another day.


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