Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

2007 Catch-Up:
- Finished grad school in June
- Traveled to the Canadian Rockies (Jasper, Banff) late June
- Started working as a King County budget analyst in July - enjoying job
- Ran half-Ironman triathlon in August with Jeff
- Worked
- Watched Jeff work more
- Visited with parents for b-day
- Had Thanksgiving with sister and brother in law
- Ran Seattle half marathon (Sunday after turkey day)
- Traveled to Colorado for Christmas with Jeff's parents
- Enjoyed knitting, reading, and solving jigsaw puzzles while snowed in with in-laws
- Had amazing dinner out at Canlis for New Year's Eve with old friends

Obviously not too much action so far. I did run the "Resolution 5K" this morning which is a 5K that ends with a polar bear dip into Lake Washington. It was all I had hoped: truly invigorating and a great way to kick off the new year.

I realized as we were chatting with friends last night and they asked what was up for 2008 (they have a cross-country move, marriage, and new job prospects on the horizon), that we don't have anything new planned for the year. No major private or professional goals or changes to be made. I'm pretty happy where I am right now, so will just focus on improving and tweaking what's working. Oh, and of course, lose 10 pounds, be better about keeping in touch with friends, and being a nicer person in general. Gotta have some resolutions. :)


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