Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Report - Birthday Edition

Saturday was my birthday, so I took the day off from school work and tried to spend the day as if I wasn't a grad student with looming degree project-related deadlines.

We went to see Borat, having heard that the audience reactions were part of the movie-going experience. Since there were about a half dozen people in the audience including ourselves, there wasn't much interaction, but someone did walk out about 15 minutes into the film. I'd also heard a lot of the highlights, so wasn't surprised by much. It was still very funny and thought-provoking, however.

I then got my hair cut at a place my brother-in-law discovered last year when he was staying with us. It's an Aveda cosmetology school and the students provide extremely inexpensive services. There's a certain risk, I suppose, to getting a haircut by a student, but they've all been very professional and are very well supported. The only down side is it takes about twice as long as a normal cut would take, but considering you pay less than half a normal price, I'm okay with that.

For dinner we checked out the Union Square Grill for very tasty and extremely large steaks. Near the end of the meal a large group of very loud and excited husky fans, about the age of our parents, entered. They'd obviously been watching UW win the Apple Cup, and were pretty wound up. It was fun seeing their excitement. Since I moved to Seattle in 1995 just after it was making headlines for grunge and some software company, and most of the people I know here are transplants, I tend to forget that there are a lot of Seattle natives who have been die-hard husky fans for more years that I've been alive.

Instead of getting dessert at the restaurant, we decided to try a new dessert spot that we'd read about in the paper. Coco la ti da lived up to the hype and is a charming spot with absolutely delicious and beautiful desserts. Jeff had the restaurant namesake, a chocolate and coconut confection that was like an extremely fancy and amazing mounds candy bar. I had a lemon tart with lemon sorbet which was the perfect end to a rich meal.

Sunday I spent the day trying to work on my degree project, but really just playing a massive amount of jigsaw sudoku online. Not very productive.

Now it's back to real life and the work week, but with sunshine!


Blogger eileen said...

Happy belated!

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Blogger brigita said...

Happy birthday, Tricia! Sounds like it was a weekend well spent. :)

11:59 AM  
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