Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Did you know you could be passive-aggressive on a bicycle?

I was biking home from school yesterday pretty content with the fact that I was on a bike, it was not raining, it was not yet dark (I was, literally, riding into the sunset), and I'd just turned in my first major class assignments for the quarter. Yet, for some reason, I decided to get all cranky on a ped walking a bike across the street I was waiting to cross. He started crossing the street (very slowly, I might add) just as the light was about to turn (ignoring the "do not walk" sign flashing and the traffic light turning orange). My light turned green just as he was about to cross in front of me. I started to ride, then slammed on my brakes (as I'd travelled all of 2 feet I wasn't going very fast) to "avoid hitting him." Since it rained a lot earlier in the day, the brakes were still pretty damp and squeeled. He, of course, stopped in his tracks and mumbled some sort of apology, and I started off again feeling very guilty.

Later, I got my payback as they changed the open lane on the Fremont Bridge yesterday and I got very confused and cut off some cars while trying to cross to a bike lane that was no longer there. Quote of the day for cyclists crossing the Fremont Bridge: "this is very confusing."


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