Sunday, October 15, 2006

Trail Note: Race, Rain, and Pain

I ran the Woodinville Country Slough 10K this morning, my first ten K race in a very long time (so long that I can't remember one in the last 5 years). Today was also the first really rainy day of the rainy season. We've been having gorgeous weather here up until yesterday: sunny and warm during the day with crisp evenings. So I broke out the tights, gloves and running jacket for the first time this year. There were several people running from my office, so I was committed to this race. We stood around getting wet before the race, ran through the puddles and rain for 6.2 miles, and then stood around comparing notes in the rain at the end. Despite the weather, I had a great race. My goal was to finish in 47 minutes, which was sure to be a PR (I don't remember what my previous best has been). I wanted to run negative splits, but I started too fast (we didn't get any mile markers until the 3 mile point, so it was hard to judge). Despite slowing down significantly after that, I still met my goal finishing with a chip time of 46:27.

The rain let up by early afternoon, which was good as I had my second ever flag football game at 2:30. Last week at the first game, I had a blast trying to figure out the rules and blitzing the quarterback. This week I think I pulled my groin the very first play. I kept playing, but wasn't very fast or as aggressive as I'd like to have been. I was extremely sore last Monday (and Tuesday and into Wednesday) after that injury-free game; I don't even like to imagine how I'm going to feel getting out of bed tomorrow morning. Now I know why Brett Farve is considered the old man of the sport: football is not meant for us 30-somethings...


Blogger kris said...

FORTY-SEVEN MINUTES?! Well done! Good grief; I would've needed roller skates to go that fast! :)

5:29 AM  
Blogger Tricia said...

Thanks, Kris. I think it's just a matter of time and mileage under the belt. Ever since I did all of that training last year I've been significantly faster. That, and the fact that I bike up a steep hill every day. I think that's done a lot for running speed.

10:04 AM  

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