Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Report (And It's Not Over Yet!)

The best part of the weekend can be summed up in 4 words: Rat City Roller Girls. We attended the Roller Derby finals last night, and the experience everything I'd hoped for and more.

The rest of the weekend was fine except with a lot more work than usual. Jeff and I both spent the afternoon at our respective offices on Saturday between a filling-and-tasty 5 Spot Brunch and the RCRG's Experience. This morning, Jeff returned to the Hills of the West bike ride and I went for a run. I jogged about 5 1/2 miles on my own (Gasworks to Green Lake down Ravenna to Husky Stadium) and then joined a friend in jogging the Dawg Dash 5K. We have a picture perfect fall weekend here, which made for great cycling and running weather. It's particularly welcome after a very rainy week (which had me wondering if we'd seen the last of the sun for the year). Now it's back to work with Jeff back at the office indefinitely and I'm trying to complete my first papers of the quarter. Oh, and disappointment on football fields all around as our flag football team went to 2 and 1 (joining my Redskins and Seahawks in losses).

Happy Fall!


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