Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trail Notes: New York, New York

Lance Armstrong finished his first marathon today in just under 3 hours. Apparently it hurt a little bit. While he ran 20% faster than my fastest race, reading his comments about the pain he went through and how he felt during the race makes me feel like we have that experience in common. It sort of humanizes a man who seemed beyond human in his athletic capacity.

The article also notes other celebrities who ran today; I couldn't resist looking up Bobby Flay (a respectable 4:10) and Tom Cavanagh (a speedy 3:29).

With this race Dean Karnazes (3:00) finished his 50 marathon in 50 days. He says he's going to keep going...

As I read these accounts of peoples' experiences, it reminds me why I'm not done with marathons and such events. There is such an amazing feeling of accomplishment, not just in finishing the race, but for the entire training cycle. The hardest part isn't that 26.2 on race day; it's the 5 days a week, every week, that you get out on the trail. It's about spending every Sunday morning for a 6-month period running, rather than sleeping in and lazing around with the newspaper. The race finish is the payoff and worth every drop of sweat and ache and pain that happened along the way.

Next up for me: the Seattle Half Marathon. Then, Jeff and I are considering doing a half ironman tri next summer. I'm also flirting with the idea of running the Marine Corps Marathon next fall. We'll see how things go...


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