Monday, October 13, 2003

Shh... I know it's wrong, but I just don't like...

Max asks the excellent question: what don't you like that you're supposed to? We all have a list of those things that we are embarrassed to admit we like (Britney Spears music, the Real World, Killian's Red, for example), but it's more interesting to think of what we just can't get behind, despite overwhelming acclaim. Here are some of mine:

Ernest Hemingway - he treats all women as 2 dimensional beings
Bruce Springsteen - I just can't listen to an entire one of his songs
Jaws - this goes along with Moby Dick, except one's a book from the 19th century and the other is a movie from the 20th
Martinis - this includes girly ones like Cosmos
Nirvana - I don't mind the music, but don't understand the matyrdom of Kurt Cobain
Correct spelling - okay, I'm just making excuses for laziness here, but...

What are yours?


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