Monday, October 06, 2003

Getting Buff

I watched Buff Brides tonight on television (after watching the show advertised all weekend while watching Trading Spaces). It was very sweet. It followed 2 women who were about 3 months from their weddings, each wanted to lose 20 pounds before the Big Day. While neither quite got to their goal weight, both made significant, very noticable progress. It was pretty inspiring. It was also nice to see their supportive fiances, who weren't pushing their brides-to-be to be thinner, but were encouraging them to do what they needed to be happy.

I'm once again trying to lose a few (20 would be perfect; I'd be happy with 10) pounds after having gained a bunch over the summer. I tried Atkins again, this time for 4 days before giving it up. If I looked at another egg, I would have been sick. The new plan is to go back to the slowly-but-surely path, and this time give up snacking at night and sweets all of the time. This is a more realistic plan to stick with, but still hard.

I'm starting to run more again, which is going pretty well. It will get harder as the days get shorter (today was the first day that was dark when I left the house and dark when I returned). Now I'll have to make time during the work day to run. These days I spend most of my time in meetings with Richmond, especially during the lunch hour. I'm thinking that it might work to run at the end of the Virginia business day, at 2 or 3 pm, then I can get back to the office for a couple of hours when things are quiet. It's great to note that some of my favorite bloggers are also getting more into running these days; I can be virtually motivated.

This is starting to sound too much like a pre-teen diary. Ack!


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