Monday, October 06, 2003

Blogger Bore

I've been doing very little blogging of late; it seems that I've been vacilating between busy (stressed) and boring (recovering) lately, leaving very little inspiration and energy for good posts. But, if you don't have anything good to say, then just ramble on anyway.

Fall has finally come to Seattle. Not in that nice, sunny crisp days kinda way, but in a foggy damp and cool kinda way. The leaves are starting to change and fall, and the chesnuts have fallen. My most frequent running route these days is the loop around my neighborhood, and part of the loop is lined with chesnut trees. The street is absolutely covered with the fuzzy green burs and crushed nut meats. Last year I ran into chesnut gatherers, but I have yet to see them this year.

Some weekend highlights:
- Saturday bike ride on the Burke Gilman trail with friends
- big tasty lunch at the 5 Spot (mmm... grilled cheese)
- the realization that varnishing is fun; much more fun than sanding
- finally catching What Not to Wear on BBC America
- eating Jeff's amazing chili - first batch of the season
- napping with the cat on a lazy grey afternoon


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