Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Isobel, the Aftermath

I was in Virginia last Thursday through yesterday for work with a weekend visit with my parents, and so had a chance to see the remants of Isobel. While most people had their power back by the time I left on Monday, everyone was still telling their tales of the storm. I was impressed at how philosophical everyone was about it. Everyone finished their story with "well, it's not too bad; everyone is safe, and a lot of people were hit worse than I was." I was impressed; I can't go a day without a shower, and a week without power? Forget about it. But I guess the human spirit is resiliant.

My parents had a large tree go down at their house in Fairfax (see picture) and their dock in Nomini is in very bad shape. I spent a lot of Saturday hauling debris washed in from the storm surge and pieces of a fallen cedar tree to the burn pile. I also went for a swim off of the dock with my dad to rescue one of the oyster floats trapped between the newly contoured dock and the pilings. All in all, not too bad. After all, a lot of folks had it much worse...


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