Sunday, October 12, 2003

Death Cookies

No, not these. These are lovely chocolate chip cookies made to go into a care package for a friend at sea.

Death cookies are what a friend of my sister calls the round, plant filled medians that are in the center of intersections in my neighborhood. These intersections don't have stop signs, so they are supposed to be treated like traffic circles, except they're not. I find them very confusing, as do most other drivers (they're in most Seattle neighborhoods). It's not too often that you and another car end up at them at the same time, but I approach them slowly, just in case. The other day while running, I saw 4 cars approach a death cookie at the same time, each from a different direction. The drivers all rose to the challenge of the cookie, and each entered simultaniously, slowly, and it was beautiful to watch.

Speaking of beauty and death, I saw Kill Bill today. Instead of trying to review the film myself, I'll let Ebert speak for me. I will add, however, that this film could almost be the pilot of Fox Force Five, the acting debut of Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace.

On an unrelated note, Jeff wore his Ravenclaw scarf for the first time today. It looks great, if I say so myself.


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