Monday, November 04, 2002

The Ultimate in Reality TV

While hiking up Mt. Si on Saturday, Jeff and I found inspiration for a new reality television show as we watched a couple carrying a small child down the mountain. This was a pretty challenging day hike: 3400 ft elevation gain in the 4 miles up, but was much easier without the handicap of trying to navigate it with a whining, screaming, squirming child. Thus the idea was born:


Give a non-parent a family of kids for the weekend. You have to take care of them, keeping them happy, healthy, and clean. There is no television allowed, unless you complete a challenge successfully, and then you might get a video as a reward. The challenge might be something like being able to all eat a meal in a nice restaurant without getting kicked out. This is all being filmed, of course.

The next step up is "Housewife."

Same premis as above, but now you have to take care of a spouse as well: not just mac 'n cheese for dinner, your spouse expects gormet meals. The spouse has a higher standard of home cleanliness, and you better not forget those clothes at the dry-cleaners. You better look good yourself when spouse gets home, meal on the table, kids cleaned and fed, and do it on a budget.

It's like Mr. Mom, but real, and much harder than Survivor.


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