Monday, November 03, 2003

Trail Note

I've really been trying to get more running miles in lately, but between the longer hours at the office, the shorter hours of daylight, and the minor cold that's been hanging around my head the last few weeks, it's been hard. I had a good weekend of running however.

Saturday, Jeff and I were in Scotsdale AZ for the wedding of some friends. It was a terrific wedding, by the way; the bride and groom were so gracious, and all of their friends were so nice. I've never been to a wedding before where everyone made such a point to introduce themselves and get to know the other guests.

But back to the trail note.. So we went for a run Saturday morning. It was terrific weather, a little overcast, about 70 degrees. We ran from our hotel to the church, since we'd be walking there later in the day and wanted to get a good idea of the exact location and the time it would take for us to walk there. Right behind the church (which was closer than we had originally thought) we ran into a little bike path / running trail, which we proceeded to follow for a couple miles. It ran past parks and golf courses, and was pleasant and flat. For some reason, however, we felt really tired. We were hoping that Phoenix was at a very high altitude, giving us an excuse for our poor performance, but at less than 1000 ft above sea level, there wasn't much excuse. We went for about 45 minutes (5 miles more or less).

We returned on Sunday afternoon to a very cold, clear, and dry Seattle. While this is the weather I remember from early November in my East Coast youth, it's very odd weather for Seattle. It should be grey and raining, and a little warmer. I'm not complaining, mind you, It's just surprising. I went for a run around Lake Union in the afternoon, a 7 mile route that starts on the Burke Gilman Trail. This was my first run in tights for the season, and was actually cold enough - low 40's - to need gloves!


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