Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Trail Notes

The weather has been amazing the last few days, just begging for me to go out for a run. After over a week away from the running trail, I jumped back in on Friday with a lunchtime 5 miler. Over the weekend I followed this with two brisk twilight jogs around the (slightly less than 4 mile) neighborhood loop. On Sunday the views were breathtaking with the mountains (including Rainier) reflecting pink in the lavendar and orange sky. After a little break, I had another lunchtime run today, although with more walking breaks than usual. I hope that this is merely and after effect of last night's bloodletting (yeah, finally blood donation success!).

Last week I registered for the Vancouver half marathon, which is now only a month away! Since October, I have only run 1 run that was longer than 5 miles, so it's time to get moving to see if I can still make it through 13.1 miles injury-free. Jeff and I ran the Vancouver race last February, and had a great time enjoying the city with it's breathtaking views, proximity to water and mountains, wonderful restaurants, Jetson's-style architecture, friendly people, and awesome exchange rates. The race course wraps around the island and through Stanley Park; the most scenic flat run I've ever experienced. I'm excited for the weekend, but want to be prepared enough so that the experience is not marred by pre-race anxiety and post-race pain.


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