Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Resolutions Redux

I've been intending to post my New Years Resolutions (for real) for a while. My hope is that by establishing these as a public record, it will induce me to continue to remember and work towards them. It may not work, but at least I'm making an effort.

1. Eat less sugar. This is new as of today. I just went to the dentist and he found 4 little pit cavities! Those are supposed to be indicative of eating too much sugar (rather than the kind of cavity that means you aren't flossing or otherwise taking care of your teeth). I haven't been eating much sugar this past year or two, or so I thought. This might be a case of all of that chocolate and ice cream from college coming back to me (you'd think the poundage I carried around would be enough punishment), or it could be "secret sugar" that is found in foods that doen't seem like obvious culprits. For example, potato chips have a lot of sugar (and I've been eating a lot of salt'n vinegars the last couple years).

2. Respond more promptly to email: within a day for work and within a week for personal. This one is going pretty well so far. My inbox at work is almost down to one page!

3. Track expenses and eventually create a budget. This one has gone no-where, but I'm saving receipts.

4. Track what I eat, at least 4 days a week. This has gone only slightly better than the expenses one.

5. Pack my lunch and breakfast more often (only eat out 20% of weekday lunches and breakfasts). It's Tuesday, and I've already eaten out twice this week. With the sushi talk at Kris' site today, however, I couldn't resist! At 50% so far this week, however, I'm doing much better than any week in recent months. This resolution will help with both #'s 3 and 4, proposed reductions in each area.


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