Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Post Friday Five gross-outs and pet peeves....

This doesn't meet my definition of pet peeve, being that it's completely rational and based on rudness of others, but I hate it when dog owners don't pick up their pets' poop. I'm tired of having to look where I step and having bad smells on my runs through pastural(sp?) parks.

As far as gross-outs, after telling Kris about how my cat doesn't have a gag-reflex problem, I was awoken at 2 am last night to the sounds of my cat retching and coughing. Paranoid that she was going to cough up a hairball in my sheets, I was forced to evacuate my bed (I tried to remove the cat, but she didn't get it, and I couldn't shut her out of my bedroom, considering that it's her primary home). Upon returning this morning, I discovered that she wasn't sick, but I'm buying those anti-hairball treats tomorrow.

I also had a crazy dream last night that I was getting married and didn't have time to plan it correctly and everything was rushed and not as I wanted. My dress, the bridesmade dresses, and overall ceremony and reception were nothing like I had planned, and didn't express me and my personality. I didn't even know the guests. This dream was based partly in a conversation with my male roommates who don't understand the need that most women have to plan every detail of future matrimonials, regardless of relationshipe status. The primary root of the subconscious overdrive, however, was my quick car-buying experience. I've felt a lot of pressure with the quick process and need to decide right away the color and details of my future car, which feels like a long-term decision to me. I'm also bothered by the fact that I'm buying a car that half of Seattle already has, so my car won't represent me so much as the general population of my city. I'm planning on spending a lot of time in this car, so it bugs my personal choice so mirrors everyone elses'.

I told my roomie about the dream, and he commented that I must have at least been happy about getting married to the man of my dreams. Funny thing is that the groom never figured into my dream (except for the fact that I figured in the dream that the reason I didn't know the guests because they were friends of the groom). My answer to said roommate was that the groom never mattered, because the whole experience (dream) was about me. The reason that women obsess so much about the wedding day, I think, is because it is The Day that is All About ME. I don't get those days very often, so I can't help but think about the party where I will be the center of it all....

At the end of the day, dream, etc., however, I'm happy with the blue Jetta. It's Duke Blue, by the way. I'll have to dig out the Duke Alumi sticker to individualize somewhat. Not too many Dukies out here. Thankfully???


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