Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Everyone in Vests... I mean: Everyone bloggin' 'bout shopping for clothes

It's Back to School time of year, and even though I'm not a student, I feel the familiar urge to buy pencils, crayons, and new clothes.

Actually, nix the clothes. I was inspired to blog by the aforelinked (new word?) posts, but I hate clothes shopping. I don't like most shopping (unless it's overseas, particularly for rugs, Purrrrsians please*) and having to try on clothes is particularly painful. After kitting up for my REI adventure, I'm awash in quick dry T's, shorts, zip-off pants, and fleece, and have decided that the Northwest camping look is the one I'm going to sport for a while: comfy, neutral, and ready for any adventure, urban (I live in Seattle where khakis are formal, after all) or outdoors. I just wish I could wear my Teva's to work, but with our production environment, I really shouldn't wear open toes (like I would get a pedicure anyway).

In my last conversation with my parents we discussed school supplies (as you could see from my last Friday Five, my mom is still going back to school this August). My dad was once again complaining about his miserable childhood with the new detail about how he had to go with the 8 crayon box, and I am still appreciative of the fact that I got a new set of the 64 colour box every year (I was sooo spoiled). This is something that seems to cross generations: we all still are happy or resentful of how many crayons we had as children. Note to parents: it seems to be worth the extra $ (how much can it be?) on the better crayon set for your kids, as it will save much therapy and resentment years down the line.

* For rug afficiandos, I've linked Nain, Tabriz, and Qum rugs: the first two being wool and silks like those that I own and the last being the all silk one that will be my next purchase, although I don't want a floral, which is displayed.


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