Monday, August 26, 2002

Where did the weekend go?

Last weekend was one of the few "free weekends" I've had this summer: no houseguests, no travel, no big events. So I expected it to be lazy, with plenty of time to do nothing. That never seemed to happen, however. I remember looking at my watch yesterday at 5 pm, and wondered when that lazy weekend was going to start. I guess the non-lazy weekend was worth it, though, becuase I now have the following:

- A freshly painted, warm and sunny bathroom (I had a lot of help)
- A 21 mile run at a 9:15 pace under my belt
- Slightly less tired eyes
- A completed book club book
- A new companion who will come home tonight: a female feline named Eowyn (yes, I'm a geek)
- A fridge full of food for the week
- Supplies for the new companion

How long until Friday?


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