Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Impress your family, astonish your friends, indulge your cravings...

I've been inspired to post the famous Ritz-peanut-butter-chocolate cookie/candy recipe due to my and Max's recent posts about fried/dipped sticky sweet snacks and the fact that I've been eating Ritz crackers that someone's left out all morning. These look very impressive, although they're actually very easy to make. I suppose if one had to entertain kids, making these might be a fun activity. So, without further ado:

Better than Reeces Cookie / Candy Things

- Spread peanut butter between 2 Ritz crackers (creamy works best, but I have used crunchy, too: trickier, but just as tasty)
- Repeat many many times (like a dozen or so)
- Melt chocolate* (you can use the kind specifically meant for candy or do what I do and melt chocolate chips; I throw in a little parafin, too)
- Dip cracker sandwiches in chocolate
- Cool on wax paper
- Refriderate until firm
- Eat one to see how it tastes
- Eat another one for quality control
- Eat that one where the chocolate got kinda messed up

* I use semi-sweet and white chocolate. I think I prefer white chocolate ones, but usually have to have one of each to remember. :)


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