Sunday, August 11, 2002

I'm back!

I had a fabulous week in Alaska. It's an amazing place, and I had a great group and guides to see it with. For anyone planning a vacation, I highly recommend REI Adventures. Everyone on the trip was friendly, interesting, well-traveled, outdoorsey, etc. The trip was extremely well-organized without being overly controlling.

I'm not feeling especially bloggy today (perhaps due to the excesses of yesterday: 18+ mile run followed by 9 holes of beer golf), but in the next week or so, our group will have a web page with pictures and comments about the trip. Here, however, are a few highlights:

- I saw orcas, humpback whales, glaciers, puffins, porpoise, bald eagles, salmon jumping up a waterfall, a moose, and too many mosquitoes and black flies
- I didn't see a bear, but did hear one snuffling around my tent one night
- I hiked, mountain biked, canoed, kayaked, and rafted
- An admitted non-camper, I spent 5 nights in sleeping bags and went 3 days without a shower, and survived smiling
- While white-water rafting, I (for the second time) managed to be in the only boat that flipped (but it wasn't my fault this time)
- I became a member of the Skilak Swim Team by swimming in a glacier-fed lake
- I made a lot of new friends

So the only question remains, what's the next adventure?


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