Friday, August 02, 2002

Alaska, here I come!!!

I'm off, early tomorrow morning, for a week adventure to Alaska! It's an REI multisport adventure, and looks like tons of fun. I thought it was very reasonably priced for all that it includes (gear, meals, transportation, etc), but then I realized how they make up their profit. I've been on two massive REI shopping expeditions this past week, spending more than what 1/3 of the trip is worth! I now have tons of wicking clothes, however, which I know will get plenty of usage. The problem with REI is that you go into the store to buy one thing, like a Nalgene bottle, and end up with a new fleece, another running hat, a few pairs of hiking socks, and $100 dollars later you leave, wondering how you spent that much on a water bottle...

Anyway, I won't have access to any of the modern conveniences (mobile phone, internet, running water) for a week, so have a great week!


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