Friday, July 26, 2002

This too can be hazardous to your health.

After blogging about warnings on cigarettes, booze, and now gambling, I read Max's blog entry about a lawsuit against fast food restaurants for their lack of warnings that their food could be unhealthy! Just when you thought we were running out of ways to be ridiculously litigious... Did he not realize that he was getting fatter and wonder why?

This reminds me of the classic fat-free-frozen-yoghurt-Guiliani-election Seinfeld episode. For those who don't remember, all of NYC, including Jerry and Elaine, discovered a new yoghurt shop that served delicious fat-free frozen yoghurt. They starting eating lots of it and found themselves getting fatter. Unlike the litigant referenced above, they quickly attributed their weight gain to the fro-yo. Sending the yoghurt to a lab to be analyzed for fat content, some crazy mishap that I can't remember influenced the mayoral election.

If you are ever wondering if the fast food you're eating is indeed unhealthy (and it probably is), check out this site. It's famous for its caloric analysis of food, but officially verboten, in WW circles.


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