Monday, July 22, 2002

I'm back... busy... breathe

I had a great trip to Virginia this past weekend. I spent 4 days sweating, I mean visiting with my parents at their house on Nomini Creek (a creek takes on a much bigger meaning in VA than in the North) in the Northern Neck of VA (right where the Potomic River runs into the Chesapeake Bay). We spent a lot of time on the boat and dock, catching sun, fish, crabs, and bug bites. I gave my diet (what's that?) a total miss and enjoyed lots of homemade and homegrown goodies: blue crabs, corn on the cob, tomatoes, peach pie, potato salad, beer (homebrew, of course), etc. I tried to run, notes from which are captured in this poem:

Ode to the Summertime Run in Virginia's Northern Neck

Heat. Shimmmery, hazy, sultry
In waves and in packets
Hot. Sweat. Salt.
Insects stinging, buzzing
Birds hunting
Dogs, barking me off of their land
Corn, thirsty, listening to the soybeans
Wait. A breeze.
A puff. A breathe.
And again heat.
2 miles. 6 miles. rest. 6 miles.


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