Monday, July 15, 2002

Favorite Authors

For right now:
John Irving: you just yet stuck in his works. Right now I'm stuck in the Hotel New Hampshire. It's about a month overdue; I've gone a week at a time not reading it, but I'm stuck in it now
Anne Tyler: Duke grad (my alma mater), Richmond native (where I lived for 18 month), Baltimore is her most frequent setting; compelling, often depressing, always thinking, novels
Leo Tolstoy: I've still only read Anna Karinina (sp?), but he's a genius for people: their thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.
Tom Robbins: Seattle transplant from the South (like me); combining philosophy and characters, and love for women into fun novels
Marge Piercy: longtime fav... although I can't read her science fiction, only historical fiction (hers or others' history)

My book club (on ?permanent? hiatus) has been selecting allegorical works, of which I'm not a fan; next choice should be a novel...

It's night and the moths are gathering.


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