Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Hip music on NPR?

Yes, that's right. There was a fantastic segment on Marketplace tonight about digging through the pop wasteland that's out there and finding nuggets of great music. I recommend listening to the whole piece, or at least checking out these lists of artists and links. I'm familiar with about 1/3 of what's listed, heartily approve of what I know, and am anxious to listen to what's new to me.

(I've never gone to the Marketplace website before; David Brancaccio is even more attractive that I imagined. And, believe me, I imagined....)

Speaking of cool music, I just found out that Carbon Leaf (the band that I was writing about a week or two ago: great Richmond band, now playing on a radio station near you) is under new management, and that new management is my old friend Doug! (Doug's link is currently under construction, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it becomes.)


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