Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Trail Note

It's been a long time since I've had one of these... I'm still on track to run the Chicago Marathon in October (less than 6 weeks away!), although I'm doubtful that I'll reach my goal of a Boston-qualifying time of 3:40. Yesterday I ran my first half-marathon race since the Vancouver half in February. I finished at around 1:52 (the official time, although I think I was closer to 1:50; I was just entering the port-o-let as the race officially began). Double that time, and I'm right at 3:40, but I don't feel like I have two of those in me at that pace. I had a fairly consistent pace throughout, right around 8:30, which felt great for the first 5 miles, tiring for the second five (I kept expecting goo or gatoraid on the course for a little glucose rush; didn't happen), and painful/pushing it for the last 3. The last 0.1 felt great, though. Maybe if I really lose those 10 - 15 pounds I've been talking about losing all year (I'm down 5) that would help.

Missing the 3:40 goal in Chicago wouldn't be that bad, although if I missed it by 1 minute or less I'd be pretty frustrated.


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