Sunday, July 07, 2002

Sunday night, long weekend over.

Sigh. Since I went to work on Friday, it's not really a long weekend, but has certainly felt like one. I'm not going to write about the 90's music weekend (I'm leaving that to the Silent P), but it's been good. I've painted the trim of my bathroom (it took 4 &*^% coats!), and the walls will be ready to be washed with color later this week. I had some good running, and lots 'o good eating: I discovered my new favorite brunch spot this morning, despite the citysearch reader's review, and adequate sushi, at least for a 5 minute walk from home. I saw an adequate movie (more of a rental) and a silly one w/ always-fun-to-laugh-in-movies-with-bud, Andrew. All in all, a weekend that I wish could go a little longer.


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