Friday, July 05, 2002

So I had these great plans to write this huge post about holidays away from home (inspired by my favorite blogging expat), and then never really got to it yesterday. I don't really have an excuse; I did very little other than run, shop for groceries, watch movies, drink, cook, and eat. I made a blueberry cobbler from the July / August edition of Cooks Illustrated, which was fantastic. I had intended to make their French potato salad as well, but after hearing about my parents' lack of success with the recipe (it just couldn't compete with my mom's awesome version with the homemade mayo) and feeling a little lazy, I decided to pass until later this weekend.

I watched one of the town's major fireworks displays from my bedroom's balcony. Yes, I have a little balcony that I never stand on. I'm a little scepticle of it's ability to support my weight. I'm close enough to hear the music that accompanies the fireworks as well, which was fun. I didn't really notice it at the time, but there were a lot of purple and gold fireworks. This morning at work, I was discussing them with a friend and he informed me that the fireworks were sponsored by Washington Mutual. Bet you can guess what their colors are.


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