Monday, July 08, 2002

Nothing really to say...

I've been having a hard time getting going today (not too unusual), but don't have anything in particular that I'm itching to blog about, so I thought I'd do this meme that went around a while ago. By the way, not being in the know about things blog, what's meme? My guess is that it's short for "all about me, all about me."

A - Animals/Pets: Do the ants crawling around our kitchen sink count?
B - Best Friend: Umm... I hate this one. My long time friend Nancy is someone I could call after a year of silence and talk for hours, but since I go months at a time w/o talking to her and years w/o seeing her. I guess right now it's Jeff. I'm desperately missing a best girlfriend.
C - Cohabitants: Jeff and Dennis; those damn ants
D - Desire(s): Ben Affleck. World Peace. A 3:40 marathon time. To lose 20 lbs. Seriously? I guess to be happy: have a job that I'm challenged by, but great at, good friends, a satisfying relationship, to make a positive contribution to the world...
E - Eye Color: Blue (really more green than blue, but that seems too pretentious to say)
F - Favorite Food(s): Ahi tuna sushi, beer, really good chips, creamed spinach (I'm serious; I love the stuff)
G - Games: Cranium, logic games/puzzles, other good trivia games
H - Habit(s): Bad and/or annoying ones? cracking knuckles, back, knees, etc; chewing gum, drinking beer
I - Interests: reading, music, running, movies
J - Job: sr. ops analyst at a financial services company (for now, until they fire me for too much time on the web)
K - Kitchen (Wonder or Blunder?): More wonder. I'm a great baker, and a respectable cook; I'm not great w/ cooking meat (was a vegatarian durning my formative cooking years right out of school) other than in casseroles (I make awesome lasagne)
L - Languages: English. I do know one German poem still from high school. Wanna hear it?
M - Most Valued Possession(s) (an item, not people/pets): my Persian rugs, I suppose; I'm not too sentimental about stuff; also my eyeglasses/contacts (I can't see)
N - Name (Named after?): My full name's Patricia, but I got my name because my folks liked the nickname Tricia (which I go by). They were pretty sure I was going to be a boy and named Michael, actually.
O - Outfit You Love: My Chinese dress. I bought it for about $20 at the Stanley Market in Hong Kong in 1995 and have worn it at least a dozen times since. Every time I wear it I get compliments (and I never get compliments otherwise) As far as what I wear often, I have a pair of plaid shorts that are falling apart that I love to wear w/ birks and a black t-shirt
P - Pizza Toppings: GASP: garlic, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto; add feta cheese and it's all the better; no tomato sauce
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: ? I'm usually the one asking questions
R - Relationship/Partner: Umm..
S - Sport: (Playing): Softball was my sport of choice for years, but I've played very rarely since high school. I do like running, cycling (mtn more than road), and swimming. I did gymnastics for almost 10 years as a young kid
T - Television Show(s): Now I mostly watch the food channel, occasionally surfing other odd channels (Bravo, TLC, etc). In the fall/winter I watched Friends, W&G, West Wing, occasionally Fraiser and That 70's Show
U - Unsavory characteristic(s): I'm too self-critical, which ties into esteem issues, which can then degrade towards self-defeating behavior. I'm also sarcastic, which can be very biting if I'm in a bad/self hating depressed place
V - Video (Favorites): Next Stop Wonderland; romantic comedies, Sex and the City (don't have HBO, so have to watch the videos when they come out)
W - Webpage (Favorite¬°Xnot your own): brigita's, web-goddess
X - Xylophone (or other Instrument?): Played piano 1st thru 12th grade, but didn't practice much, so I'm not very good
Y - Year Born: 1972; approaching the big 30 in a matter of months
Z - Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (that explains the aforementioned biting remarks, I guess)


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