Saturday, June 22, 2002

Trail note: Ran the Freemont 5 K (my least favorite race) last night. It was really warm (for Seattle, that is), even at 7 pm. I don't like 5 K's because I end up starting too fast and hurting the entire run. I wasn't planning on racing this one, but still pushed it, coming in at just over 24 minutes. It was an out and back course; the entire last mile was staring into the sun, which wasn't fun. My legs felt fine, but I felt a little sick (too much lunch, sun, etc).

I did, however, run into friends, the amazing runner and my former shipmate / housemate, and we had a fun dinner together afterwards. I also ran into a guy I knew in college. We hadn't seen each other in 8 years; now we live 2 miles away from each other, 3000 miles from school. Small world.


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