Friday, June 21, 2002

From Kris from Meg, much fun with google!

Tricia is...:

.. a spiritual journey
.. a source of information about keeping Chinese water dragons in captivity
.. a [wild] model
.. Miss Internet World 2000
.. somebody
.. an index
.. a blog called Fayth featuring Delita Hyral of Final Fantasy
.. dynamite

These are literally the top 8. Very cool!

I just looked at Kris' again, and she used quotes around her name. I tried that with significantly less interesting results, but here's what that turned up:

"Tricia is..."

.. a petite eight year old girl who is sure that everyone is her friend
.. using this dispute "as a back door to try once again to get family control of the library."
.. the founder and former CEO of IBIS (International Banking Information Systems Ltd),
.. very able and after a course of learning keyboard skills, navigates a standard "windows" environment using a standard word-processing package
.. a cum laude graduate of Mississippi University for Women
.. course secretary for the following masters programmes within the School of Education


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