Thursday, June 20, 2002

Big news in the office this morning: M&M's has announced their new color.

In case you haven't been following the controversial colored candy contest, M&M's has been having a vote-in contest to pick their new color. The choices were aqua, pink, and purple. A co-worker of mine is very enamoured of the color purple, and had us all go and vote a few months ago when this was first launched. I happen to have a wierd neurotic habit of organizing my peanut M&M's into colored designs (like flowers and geometric patterns), and a color like aqua would completely ruin the color scheme. I think that this color thing is getting out of control. While I was glad they removed tan and added red and blue, I think they should just quit while they're ahead.

Hmm... is 8 am too early to eat M&M's? And I was just getting over the M&M habit...


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