Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update - Jeff and His Horrible, Very Bad, F-ed-Up Day

Sorry for the allusion to profanity, but it best describes Jeff's attitude Sunday afternoon. While I read my new library book, Jeff wrestled with our new wireless internet router. After a few hours without internet success, Jeff was getting crankier and crankier. The rainy morning we woke up to had turned into a partially sunny afternoon, so I suggested a bike ride to get some fresh air and turn his bad mood around.

We get all kitted up, head out, and got about two blocks when I hear a load hissing sound - the sound of my back tire blowing out. We pull over and start to work on replacing the tube with the spare that I had. As we're doing this, all of a sudden, we hear another hiss - my front tire has gone while the bike was just sitting in the grass. We pull out the other spare tube. Then we realize that Jeff's front tire has a slow leak and is getting flat as well. We pack everything up, and climb back up the hill to our house. About 15 minutes later, we've patched and switched out all tubes, with no spares, and try again. This time, we stop at Speedy Reedy to pick up new tubes (buy 5, get the 6th for free). Flash forward another 30 minutes or so, and guess what? Another flat. Fortunately, we have lots of spare tubes. We watch some deep grey clouds mounting to the north and wonder what else the ride will bring.

An extremely windy trip across the I-90 bridge (which I hate crossing in the best of conditions) was the worst of the front that we faced: we arrived home dry and without any more mechanical issues. We made fruit daquiris (to get in our 2 - 3 servings of fruit), Jeff managed to get the internet working (in a very short amount of time), and we relaxed in front of the last of the Tour de France with homemade quiche lorraine and heirloom tomato salad. Cranky day settled into pleasant evening.


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