Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat

It's all about the tri in these parts these days, especially on the weekends. The weekend before last, for example, we started by visiting our favorite tri-shop (recently referenced in the Sunday comics), where Jeff bought a wet suit and I reserved one to rent for Troika. We then went on a long run to the lake where we swam (and I got lots and lots of bug bites). Sunday, long bike rides all 'round. This past weekend, I took things easy with a short run on Saturday, because I raced the Seafair Tri yesterday morning. Mondays this summer have become recovery days where I have to drag myself to and from work.

I was really happy with the way the race went. It was my first time really using my new aerobars (I had them on the bike for my first tri of the season, but was too chicken to use them), and it really showed; I PR'd the 12 mile bike course by 3+ minutes (about 10%), which translated to an overall PR (by the same 3 minutes; my swim was faster and run slower than the past few years).

One of the other reasons I was so much faster, however, is that I'm much more rested than I was this time last year. Once again, we're doing the Troika, half-iron distance tri in Spokane the first weekend in August. This year, however, without the nervousness I faced last year, I'm training much less, particularly in the running arena. I'm a little worried about what this will mean for next weekend (!!!), but figure it will just mean that things will be a fair amount slower and more painful.

Next summer, I'm planning to take things easy, and do things like hiking, or kayaking, or going to the movies...


Blogger psorr said...

Ms. modest did not mention that her time put her at 4th place among her age group of 120 women!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous kristen said...

go tricia go!

and you may say that you're going to spend next summer taking things easy, but in reality, i think you'll find taking things easy gets boring really fast :o) you were made to move! of course, i also reckon everything will seem like you're taking it easy after CdA...

7:52 AM  

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