Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trail Note

As of today, there are exactly 2 months until our triathlon. Jeff and I were discussing this frightening fact as we ran on Sunday. We had gone on a really pleasant bike ride on Saturday (to Mercer Island and back through downtown with a few small bonus loops; perfect cycling weather with amazing views; new-bike excitement has not worn off), so our legs were a bit tired. Jeff also swan on Saturday, so our run on Sunday was sort of an extended tri-workout for him.

Sunday was another (the last for a while) summery warm and sunny day. We drove out to Alki in West Seattle to run along the beach and have a scenic, uninterrupted, and fairly flat route for our long run. It was also a nice place for Jeff's parents (in town for the weekend) to hang our for the hour and a half or so that we were gone.

While the legs were tired, by keeping the pace slow, we actually felt better as the ran progressed. By the time we turned around for our out-and-back route, I was feeling pretty good, and I think we ran the second half a bit faster than the first. While we'd originally intended to go 9 miles, I wasn't too disappointed in the 8.5 loop that we completed.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled grey drizzle.


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