Sunday, May 06, 2007

Waking from Hybernation

Spring here in Seattle starts very early (February), but it lasts through the end of June, so forgive me for awaking from a long winter's nap a little late. One might say that I woke up a couple of months ago, stretched, and then rolled over to catch just a few more zzz's.

You'd think that I'd feel a bit more refreshed.

I am feeling that way about blogging. I'm antsy about posting, and I've starting having those "this would make a great post" thoughts every now and then. The 24 hours of flickr group challenge for 5/5 helped with that. I signed up to take pictures throughout the day several weeks ago and was excited to have a good excuse to pick up my camera again after a several month photo hiatus. I didn't remember to follow through with the program, however, until about 1 pm yesterday. Scenes my camera missed: views from my run around the neighborhood, piles of brunchy goodness, test rides from bike-shopping, and the entertaining sights (and sounds) of local fire-fighters shopping for the station dinner. You can catch the photos I did take here.

Things that are holding back that refreshed-feeling: the DP/thesis that's still not done (working on citations: so close to completion, and yet STILL NOT DONE!), the job search (fun, but time consuming; rant related to nylons could be coming soon), and triathlon training (enjoying the workouts, but stressed about the time commitment).

I graduate in 4 weeks and 5 days, however, so there is a light at the end of this tunnel, one that is (hopefully) connected to some time off followed by a paycheck... Stay tuned; more posting to come!


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