Monday, January 16, 2006

This and That

For anyone even remotely interested in football (that would be me), it sure was a great football weekend. Especially if you're a Seattle and Denver fan (like the residents of my house).

Time to restart the count. I must say, I, too, was wishing for just a few drops yesterday.

At least I took advantage of a dry and occasionally sunny day to get in my longest run since Portland: 14 miles. While my knee started really hurting around mile 10, after stopping and stretching the pain eased, and my sciatic nerve thing that I've been feeling lately didn't feel too bad. I finished the run at a 9 minute mile pace overall. That's my goal pace for Boston: stay slow, and just try to come in under 4 hours.

For those who actually have a holiday today (I'm off to Federal Way for "Diversity Day" with my youth program), enjoy!


Blogger brigita said...

Sorry to hear about the rain stoppage...I can totally relate to the feeling.

Speaking of all things Seatown, any chance that house next door to you guys is still vacant? There's about a 35% chance we might be househunting in your neck of the world in a few months...


5:49 AM  

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