Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Catch Up

Last Wednesday, I finished and turned in my last final.
Thursday, I spent the day in Federal Way facilitating my youth leadership program.
Friday, I woke up with the beginnings of head cold.

My body really does know timing: I was all ready to relax and catch up on things like work hours, knitting, running, holiday shopping, wedding planning, going to the movies, not-for-class reading, etc., and the cold hit. Fortunately, it's not lasting too long, and it never got too bad.

Now, I'm trying to bank up hours at work to get a head start on next quarter and will try to wrap up that holiday shopping... The unread (by me; Jeff did pretty well on them) library books will get returned and maybe we'll catch one movie this week before heading out for Crazy Christmas Travel Week. (Crazy in a good way: Jeff gets to be caught up on the 3 months of wedding planning my mom has been doing in Virginia). We return, and classes start January 2nd! I really need a longer break..


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