Friday, November 25, 2005

Coke is It. But what is It?

After watching an ad for diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper during the Denver/Dallas game yesterday, we started wondering what the actual flavor of Coke is. After all, Sprite is lemon-lime, Dr. Pepper is prune flavored, but what is cola flavor, really? Someone in our group thought that it was caramel, but that seems to be only used for color. Cocaine was another answer, but does that have a taste? (For the record, real sugar Coca-Cola is the closest that I've ever been to cocaine.) According to this site, the answer could be cow. This, however, looks closer to the truth.

I guess it will just be a mystery...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cola flavor, I read somewhere, is a combination of vanilla, lemon-lime, and cinnamon or "spice" flavor.

I think the ice cream "Blue Moon" is cola flavored, but have found no documentation for this. It's what I think after mouthing several spoonful's of Blue Moon and approximating what it tastes like.

11:28 AM  

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