Thursday, November 03, 2005

And now another word from our sponsor. VOTE!

Just because it's an off year it doesn't mean that your vote isn't important. Here in Seattle, we've got a few exciting things on the ballot:

School board election (my office is abuzz about this one)
King County Executive election (go Ron!)
Anti smoking ordinance - if passed, would be the most restrictive in the country
Gas tax recall ('cause death by Viaduct would be a dramatic way to go)
Port Commissioner (I'm personally invested in this one)
Mayor and city council
Not one, but two malpractice measures
and, of course, the MONORAIL!

It's these more local issues that really make a difference in our day to day lives, and we've got an opportunity to influence them.

The Washington State voter's pamphlet can be found here and you can make your own local voter's guide here.

Okay, now you can return to your regular programming.


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