Sunday, October 30, 2005

So, it was a great party, excepting the crappy bits....

All was going great on Saturday. I had created a massive excel spreadsheet outlining the party menu and tasks and to-do's for all in the house, and we were running on schedule. We actually had time to take pictures, have a beer, and watch a little of the Standford game (the good part) before our first guests arrived. Considering the fact that the last time we entertained guests one of us was in the shower when they arrived, we were doing great. We planned well and had the right amount of snacks and sips and our guests seemed to be having a good time. Our basement tenant, however, was not having a good time, as lots of guests and lots of beer seemed to push a lurking plumbing issue over the edge and her bathroom flooded with sewage about halfway through the evening.

So, today the plumber came and snaked out the line, we rented a steam cleaner, Jeff cleaned the soiled carpet and bathroom, and all is (hopefully) back to normal. We are so lucky that our tenant was home to notice the damage before the entire basement flooded, and that she's such a trooper. She handled the issue without blinking an eye - a situation that would have most people headed for the hills.

As you can tell by the photo, Jeff and I dressed as a corpse bride and groom. We used the party and the costumes to share the news of our engagement. (Yeah, we haven't been very forthcoming about the news; more to follow). Apparently we weren't the only ones to use costumes to tell personal stories: one of our guests came dressed as an oven, and when asked about the costume, she opened the oven door to display a bun in the oven. She's due in March. (Guess this is a sign of our growing up; we had two pregnant guests and two sets of parents of newborns in attendance).

Happy Halloween!


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