Monday, October 24, 2005

I'll take the chicken and dumplings, hold the headache, please

Where do these weekends go? Every weekend, I plan to get tons of reading done to stay up with my classes and catch up a bit with my hours at work. By Sunday evening, I find that I've read about a quarter of what I'd intended to read and still didn't catch that movie I wanted to see or go hiking or on a bike ride, or do any of those other things I pretend that I would have done if it weren't for my school work. A few things that did get done:

- Smokers (smoked onion rings), smoked oysters, and pints at the Jolly Roger: my favorite pub
- Prep for the Falloween Party we're hosting this Satuday night: we found most of our costume parts and assembled our pumpkin porch display
- Laundry. Always lots of laundry
- 7.5 mile run; it felt really good to have tired legs on Saturday. It's been an entire 2 weeks since I've felt that way. ;)
- Meatballs: Brent (Jeff's brother) made the most amazing spaghetti with meatballs on Saturday night. I didn't know that meatballs could be that good. (Speaking of knowing what's in your food, we only buy ground beef from our local butcher who grinds it in-house).
- Crash. I cried.
- More food: I made chicken fricasse for Sunday night and squash soup for tomorrow night's dinner. The chicken recipe calls for canned cream of celery soup, which happens to have MSG in it. I found a low-sodium can that appeared to not contain the taste (and headache) enhancing ingredient, so used that. I'm amazed how many common foods still contain this stuff. Don't check your snack food ingredients if you really don't want to know.

Update: Okay, I may not have been entirely truthful earlier. I may have actually included one can of the soup w/ MSG in the recipe (it's only one can of soup; can't be that bad, can it?), and then I ate a large portion of leftovers two hours ago, and now my head is throbbing. From this day forward, I can no longer ignore it; I must become a compulsive label reader.


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